Reasons Why We Care

Primary Home Care | Because we careBecause there is no other place than home

Just stay there, we will be there for you!

Welcome to a whole new experience that only Primary Home Care can give.

Primary Home Care has been in the in-home care industry for years already, making us one of the most well-known non-medical home care providers in Saginaw and St. Louis. We play the role of care providers and we play it seriously. We know how critical our services are to ensure that you or your family member is getting the care that maintains their best health.

We make your experience of staying at home better too – despite old age, injury or illness. Through the various services we offer, we take care of your needs. We provide relief as we take care of different home support activities that are guided by a personalized care plan.

Let Primary Home Care know how to help you. Call us up at (989) 793-6674.