Caregiver Highlight – Going above and beyond – Mary Perez

Primary Home Care | Caregiver Highlight | Mary PerezMary Perez has been with Primary Home Care since May 2016. She has been caring for the same client since she started with our company. The client’s family members have never had anything but great things to say about Mary. They have stated that Mary and their mother get along great and that Mary feels like a member of the family.

Mary cares deeply for her client and it can be felt when she talks about her. Mary does everything she can to make sure the client is safe and feels comfortable. When the client is agitated, Mary does well re-directing the client with conversation about the client’s home country of Cuba, gardening or sewing.

The client enjoys reading scripture so Mary brings her favorites and reads them with her. She likes to make sure the client has healthy, home cooked food to eat and knows what the client’s favorite foods are. She even made the client’s favorite meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn for her birthday and brought it to her on her own time.

Mary is always open to learning new ways of reducing the agitation the client feels or just providing comfort to her. She tries different approaches and finds the best solution. Primary Home Care is fortunate to have Mary Perez as a caregiver.

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