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Start the discussion

Finding the right type of long term care for loved ones or ourselves can be a challenge.

Primary Home Care | Our StaffUnfortunately, it is common for both generations to postpone making the tough decision to start in-home care. Don’t procrastinate, start discussing what you or your family members needs will be. Decisions made without prior planning can result in unsuitable care choices, family feuds and money unwisely spent. Call our office for an information packet so you can review the services with your family members.

Initiate a family meeting to decide what the needs are, keep the mood friendly and matter-of-fact. If tensions get to high or you are uncomfortable discussing bringing care into the home please call our office. More often a third party with the knowledge of home health care can be more welcoming. We can send a nurse to review your options and explain exactly how home care will be beneficial for your loved one. Let us help counsel you and your family member through the procedure.

Before calling our office it would be helpful to have as much information ready for review to help us help you receive the best care for you or your loved ones.

The person’s name, age, male or female, married or single or living with family members. Diagnosis if any, type of medications, use of walkers, wheelchair, or Hoyer lift. Will they need transportation? How many hours of service you are considering?

This information will save you time and help prepare our Nursing staff before coming out for an assessment.

Planning ahead will give you peace of mind.