Step 3 The Caregiver Arrives

Primary Home Care, keeping up with strict caregiver standards After the schedule has been setup our office will call the client to inform them the name of the caregiver and the time she will be arriving. Instructions will be setup in advance on what entrance the caregiver will use to enter the home. If the client is unable to answer the door a procedure will have been setup for access to the door key.

Before arriving at the client’s home the caregiver is instructed by our Registered Nurse on what their duties are and the type of care your family member needs. The caregiver and the Team Leader will arrive on time and review the duties on the home aid assignment sheet with the client.

Before the caregiver leaves for the day they will write a report in the spiral note book of the duties they did that day. Daily throughout each week the caregiver will fill out a Flow sheet which is a report on the time the caregiver arrived and left each day and what type of care and home duties were preformed. This report is reviewed and signed by the client to make sure the services are in accordance with the caregiver.

The Team Leader will do follow up calls to our clients and home visits to review our caregivers performance.

Our Registered Nurse will visit once a month to review the assessment and overall health of the client.

Any changes to the schedule or type of care can be made within 24 hour notice to or office.