Senior Care Cross Country

“We Provide The Care When You‘re Not There” 

Being a family caregiver for a parent or family member is a hard job. But when you live in another city or even state, it is merely impossible. If you live far away and are trying to look after the physical and emotional well being of an aging parent, the uncertainty and doubt can be overwhelming. 

Let Primary Home Care put you at ease 

Our on-staff Nurse will visit your family member and complete an in-home assessment to identify signs indicating that your loved one may need personal or medical assistance in the home. 

During our visit, we will access their APPEARANCE, MENTAL STATUS, and SURROUNDINGS to determine if there is an immediate need for care. 

Appearance – Looking at one’s presence can be a sign that they are physically or mentally limited from completing regular daily tasks.    

  • Are the clothes they are wearing dirty or stained? 
  • Does your loved one appear to bathe daily? 
  • Is their hair combed? 
  • Do they brush their teeth?
  • Do they appear to be losing weight? 

 Mental Status – Listening to what your loved one says and how they speak will tell a lot about their current mental status. 

  • Are they up on current events? 
  • Do they sleep a lot? 
  • Have they forgotten to refill or take their medications? 
  • Have they missed doctor’s appointments? 

Surroundings – With our in-home assessment we will quickly know if your loved one’s environment is safe and happy.  We will help you determine if they are eating and living a healthy life. We look for warning signs that may put your loved one in an unhealthy condition.  We start by checking their food and monitoring their medications to prevent them from eating bad food or worse, taking expired or wrong medications.  Additional concerns are:  

  • Is there a significant amount of trash, clutter, dust or dirt? 
  • Are unpaid or unopened bills piling up? 
  • Has the overall housekeeping declined – dirty floors, bathtub, etc.? 

If we sense a problem based on our observations, we will waste no time in taking appropriate steps to provide help for your loved one. As painful as the process might be, remind yourself that by doing this assessment, you will not only ensure safety for your loved one but may also keep them happy and healthy for years to come. 

If you would like to find out more about our in-home Senior Care Cross Country care, contact us today.